nina errante
Wandering Girl / Niña errante
Directed by Rubén Mendoza
Spanish w/ English subtitles

Viewer discretion advised; not recommended for minors / No apta para menores

Feature film, 82 minutes

Colombia, 2018

Access Information

Password: GRLAFF59436

Live Q&A with the director via Facebook Live and YouTube at 9:45 pm EST on October 2nd, after the premiere of the film in the festival. 


Angela is 12 years old when her father is killed in a motorcycle accident. Among the mourners who come to Cali for the funeral are her three half-sisters, who harbor differently shaped impressions of their footloose father. The women decide to drive the girl the 1,500 cross-country miles to live with her aunt. The trip provides plenty of opportunities for getting to know each other.

Ángela tiene 12 años. Su padre muere en un accidente de motocicleta. Entre los dolientes que vienen a Cali para el funeral se encuentran tres hermanastras. De madres diferentes, las hermanas recuerdan al padre de manera muy distinta a la de la niña. El trío de mujeres decide llevar a Ángela a recorrer las 1,500 millas a través del país para vivir con su tía, lo que les da la oportunidad de conocerse.