Maternal / Hogar
Directed by Maura Delpero
Spanish w/ English subtitles

Viewer discretion advised; not recommended for minors / No apta para menores

Feature film, 91 minutes

Argentina, 2019

Access Information

Password: GRLAFF76965

Live Q&A with the director of the film via Facebook Live and YouTube at 9:45 pm EST on September 25th, after the premiere of the film in the festival. 


Lu is a disruptive, rebellious teenage mother. She lives with her daughter Nina in a women's refuge run by nuns. The arrival of Paola, a sympathetic Italian nun who takes a shine to Nina, coincides with Lu going missing. Maternal asks the big questions in life without directly posing them: What makes a good mother? What does it mean to be human? Is there a God?

Lu es una madre adolescente, alborotadora y rebelde. Vive con su hija Nina en un refugio para madres solteras dirigido por monjas. Paola, una joven monja recién llegada de Italia, se interesa por el bienestar de Nina cuando Lu desaparece. Maternal hace las grandes preguntas de la vida sin plantearlas directamente: ¿Qué significa ser una buena madre? ¿Qué significa ser humano? ¿Existe Dios?